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Simco-Ion provides worldwide a complete range of products to control static electricity in production processes.

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Static elimination

Air ionisation is the most effective method of eliminating static charges on non-conductive materials and isolated conductors

Static bonding

Materials can be charged deliberately to make them bond temporarily. Static charge can be an invisible helping hand in your production process.

Surface cleaning

Slitting, sheeting, bag making, injection moulding and other production processes of paper, film, and plastic materials create or attract particles that contaminate the product.

Static measuring

Electrostatic fieldmeters are appropriate measuring tools to simply identify static electricity problems.

In mould labelling

Discover all the possibilities for Electrostatic In Mold Labeling

IQ Easy platform

A unique concept that makes it possible to fully control all parameters and let devices interact with each other to optimise efficiency.

Perforation detection

High voltage spark over can be used in a controlled way.


Control devices and power units for various products.


Static control made Easy!

Simco-Ion, a member of the worldwide ITW group, has operated in Europe since 1946. Our activities started with the introduction of plastics in the textile industry.

Today we offer a comprehensive range of products to control static electricity, for instance in the plastics, packaging, converting and printing industries. Our products are sold through an extensive network of competent agents.

You can contact us to assist you solving any issue with static electricity.This can vary from neutralising static electricy to using static electricity for electrostatic charging to bond two materials together to assist a production process.


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