The Airknife with Performax IQ Easy is especially useful for situations where the ionisation or cleaning needs to be mobile s.a. cleaning parts with a robot. With the 24V connection it is easy to install in such applications. The Airknife with Performax IQ Easy is standard available in 4 lenghts, 150, 310, 460 and 610 mm. Longer combinations on request.

Technical specifications

Working distance 3000 mm max.
Working width Standard: 150 310 460 610 mm,
lengths over 610 mm on request
Housing material Aluminium/Reinforced plastic
Inner bar material Potting
Emitter pins Special alloy
Cable Low voltage cable
Weight 4 kg/m
Ambient temperature 0 – 55°C
Use circumstances Industrial
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Air consumption On request
Pressure Max. 10 bar
Airconnection 1/4” BSP